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  • nurit david

“Sylvia” (2003)


During watching Gwyneth Paltrow as Sylvia Plath

We want the husbands to be parents

Not winds blowing through, not tentative, temporal, bad tempered tempests, temerarious, tenebrous, tense life tests, terrifying beauty contests, not tempting, attempting, fleeting tenants in our tenements, not chased away by tedium, nor teetering, terminating, not as terse and taciturn as that

We want them to be tenacious, tenderly tender, for us to send tendrils along their temples, tentacles to embrace, tending and fostering, remaining and staying, enduring long terms and autumns, staying, sitting, not running, not away, reliable like pleated Terylene skirts, like caressed grey tresses taken in hand palms, despite our tangled hair and nervous fits and misfits

We want the husbands to be parents

Shush putting us to sleep in a bed of confidence, staying awake nearby when we kneel down. Not bored by our tired slumber, keeping an eye and a shipshape room to shelter our inhaling and exhaling, so very exhausted, so infinitely exhausted.


nurit david​

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